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It is a citizen’s obligation to pay customs duties for orders, therefore BISMILLAAHDESIGN will not reimburse customs duties. If a parcel needs to be returned because you are unable to pay the duty charges, a refund will be made for you, less shipping costs. BISMILLAAHDESIGN will continue to develop reasonable operating policies based on cost and other factors to provide our customers with good value for money items and services, and we thank you for your support of BISMILLAAHDESIGN.

Sorry, there is no order record under this account, please make sure you log in to the correct account. If not, kindly switch to the correct one. If you have any order please track from here

It’s depend on the product that you ordered. If it has any extra cost then you have to charge extra fee for this.

There would be some technical issues. To know more please contact us by the form given above.

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